Items to be considered

While Collier Trenerry is happy to organise all details for you, there are some things you will need to consider, such as:
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Date and time of the service
  • Clothing for the deceased
  • Personal items to be placed on the coffin
  • Viewing of your loved one
  • Music, readings, pallbearers
  • DVD/image presentations, thank you cards, and/or service booklets/cards
  • Flowers
  • Eulogy – download a PDF with helpful tips for writing a eulogy
  • To ensure accuracy when registering your loved ones death, Collier Trenerry will need a few necessary details about your loved one. Please use our Death Registration Statement as a reference for what is needed.

Coffin or Casket Costs

Many people regard the coffin or casket as an important tribute to the deceased and they are therefore selected with care. The difference is basically one of design. A Coffin have a tapered head and foot and are wide at the shoulders, with a removable lid. A Casket is a rectangular shape with a hinged lid. Caskets are usually constructed of better quality timbers and feature higher standards of workmanship. 

Costs outlined are GST inclusive.